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Lasercutting opensource

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LaserDuo is an open source laser cutter having two different laser sources. Using a 130W CO2 and a 75W YAG lasers, LaserDuo can work with a wide range of materials such as wood and metals.

Taking advantage of what we have learned in Fab Academy, LaserDuo has been developed using standard Fab Lab equipment and techniques plus a membrane press machine to bend the aluminum parts. LaserDuo was developed at Fab Lab Kamp-Linfort by Daniele Ingrassia. Reversing the consumer process, where knowledge and building of machines stays inside a black box managed by companies, LaserDuo brings the advantages of an open source development:

  • full awareness about how the machine works
  • reproducible design
  • possibility to customize the machine and/or to build new ones
  • built as much as possible with local materials
  • local self-fixing and self-production of the machine parts
  • community can use and improve the design
  • cheap alternative to large scale 3D printers
  • use LaserDuo as tool to produce other open source machines

Developed and built in a Fab Lab as multipurpose machine, LaserDuo allows to access the laser cutting technology at lower price in comparison to similar machines available on the market. Especially considering the possibility to work with metals. The open source design allows the user to fix the machine by himself, and to be aware of the process in a way that he can use it to reproduce the machine or parts for it. Being a challenging project from several aspects, such as size of the working area, Z-axis, speed, resolution and the dual laser, it also offers additional features like an integrated PC to control the machine and launch jobs, air assist, solid aluminum bodywork.

Début du sujet Publié : 4 juin 2020 9 h 19 min